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It’s All About Attitude… pragmatic play

…and learning to adapt to the situation. Those who hold to the idea that pragmatic play is all about luck could not be more wrong. Neither are those who say that it is all about skill. Playing poker is a mixture of these two plus the big one – attitude. Ask the experts and they will all tell you one thing – when it’s all and done, it all boils down to attitude. That is because poker isn’t all about the winning – it’s in how you play your game and enjoy it too. Then again, winning makes it all the more fun, doesn’t it?

So what does it take to make the best out of your online poker game? Right on the outset, you have to have a positive attitude. That in itself will determine how your game is played. With a positive attitude, you can focus intently on your game. With online poker, your interactions with other players are limited. That doesn’t mean that your reactions are limited, however. How you react depends entirely on you. Poker is a roller coaster game. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re low. If you let your euphoria or depression take hold of you, the chances are that you will get distracted from your strategy. This of course is translated into more chances of losing.

Another thing about attitude, you should be able to adjust to the different situations you are faced with in a poker game. A positive attitude is all about not being stubborn. In fact, a positive attitude allows for flexibility – backing out of a bad game as well as continuing to play when things are going good for you. Stubbornness may be well and good but in the long run, you should analyze the situation more carefully and …

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Las Vegas casino will let amateurs take on Judi Online pros

AS VEGAS — A new interactive show at the Venetian Resort Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas will let spectators test their Judi Online skills against some of the game’s most famous players.

The Las Vegas Strip resort says “The Real Deal!” show starting in the fall will let audience members play against players like Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth Jr., onstage and using touch-screen devices a their seats.

The show will run like an interactive game pitting the poker professionals against amateurs and audience members. Some attendees will win prizes.

The show is scheduled to run six days each week starting in the fall.

Online Casino Of the Month

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Another Run to Foxwoods!


Derek and I are driving up to later tonight. Our plan is to get there around 11pm and play low limit until 7am. At that point, registration for the Sunday morning NO LIMIT tournament takes place… and we’ll be ready to play! Sunday’s No Limit event cost $65 ($50 to the pool, $15 entry fee) with no rebuys. On Tuesdays, the entry fee for the No Limit event is $80 with unlimited rebuys in the first two levels, plus add-ons! I don’t like the Tuesday torneys, that’s why I haven’t been playing them. Alas, Derek is ready for his first No Limit tournament (his previous two expereinces were limit events) and I’m all pumped up for myt first No Limit event of 2004. If I want to consider the oustide chance of winning a seat at the … then I have to at least make the final table at a Foxwoods weekly tournament. I decided that 50% of the money that I win in No Limit/Limit tourneys this year will go into a separate bankroll: my WSoP bankroll. Whatever I have rolled up in my sock drawer by the time the month of May saunters around… I’ll take it to Vegas to parlay that into a seat via a satellite. So far… I have: $0.

Positively Fifth Street

I’ve been reading: Positively Fifth Street: Murderers, Cheetahs, and Binion’s World Series of Poker written by James McManus. He is the author of four novels (Going to the Sun won the Carl Sandburg Award) and two books of poetry. This is one of the most interesting fiction books that I read in a long time.

Here’s a touching paragraph from Page 24: “I admit I’m juiced and flush when I win and that penis feels like an acorn when I …

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The Worst Internet casino Shootings in the Last Ten years


We all went through almost all terrible functions of typically the last 5 years and overviewed the 3 most horrible acts in our modern historical past. The casino shootings that we care about in order to explore right now for 8g88 occurred found in different countries and they also became nothing in common in addition to the unpredictable ill minds of the shooters. The disaster is all around us every day time, nevertheless, we pay attention to the idea only if that concerns us directly… Probably this is why a few people desire online gambling dens, because it can simply, really safe and fun.

Intense Abuse found in Chili: 5 Individuals Shot Deceased

This terrible event transpired nearby the main city Santiago around a small district identified as Puente Alto. If anyone looks around the web, you will find real videos via the field, but we all don’t suggest it. Following your last changes of the Chilean Gambling Laws in the last few years, smaller size casinos were being authorized to freely occur around such not that inhabited areas like Puente Gran. The reason why the particular shooter did what they did remains to be unsure, together with no one was detained for this criminal offense versus humanity.

Man Holding that gun

The whole story is usually quite small, an informed man incurs a casino and parts fire. Intended for the time frame involving fewer than 10 seconds, they successfully release more than 40 bullets. On this footage, it is obvious that he works on the pistol, the police stated that will automatic Glock was used. Consequently, 2 men and 1 female were lifeless shot upon the site, whilst another a couple of men perished later within the hospital from their wounds. Law enforcement had been investigating different scenarios, …

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Legendafx review – 100% Real Legendafx By Real Traders

Real Legendafx are the most beneficial signals which will tell you the exact prop trader market scene and this will enable for all the positive results in life of an investor. When you are investing money in all the forex trade ratios it will affect the liquidity and the stop loss market by going with the right scenarios as per the current market trend. Legendafx will help you in deciding the aspects, trade strategy, planning of equities investment and the forex money chosen of which country to get the best development done. Sometimes scenarios change and people benefit greatly in the recession times.

In the forex there is fixed amount of amount which can be credited by the potential investors and the contributions on the amount done and the deductions will affect the based on the amount of money withdrawn. Instances in life may compel you to withdraw the money and the present marketing strategy will affect the Real Legendafx and the per capita of the person too. This is because people have been investing heavily in the forex seen in the last few years with loads of money flowing in the financial market. But the signals hence to indicate that the current marketing scenarios are well balanced without disturbing the ability of proportionate market liquidity ratio.

Real Legendafx are been used online and referred even by lots of forex traders because the ratio will not be affected with slight fluctuations in the market and will misbalance the current marketing scenarios greatly without affecting the liquidity status of the investors. Legendafx are great indicators in the services and the objects of forex trading without been captivating the current marketing standards and most beneficial returns with respect to the customers investment done so far. There are specific and personalized trader guidelines …

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California QQWIN99 Players


For all the QQWIN99 players in California, who want to know what they can do to support online poker freedom. Here is the latest letter I received from Senator Feinstein of California. After reading this if you would like to contact the Senator (whether you live in California or not) here is her email contact information.

Dear Poker Shrink,

Thank you for contacting me regarding Internet gambling. I appreciate you taking the time to contact me on this important topic and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

There is no doubt that the Internet and related technologies have had a remarkable effect on the U.S. economy in recent years. Commerce on the Internet has enhanced American industry’s ability to distribute goods economically and efficiently. The continuing development of this industry in California has provided hundreds of thousands of new, well-paying jobs, and I am committed to strengthening online commerce and preserving and expanding this vital job base.

The advent of the Internet has clearly been beneficial to American society; however, I believe the same cannot be said for Internet-based gambling activity. Internet gambling has become too easily accessible to minors, too subject to fraud and criminal misuse, and too easily used as a tool to evade state gambling laws.

Poker Rules: UIGEA

OK, so I said just the other day that the United States governmental agencies had not yet come up with any rules for the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. Well now they have and so the online gaming picture in the States is now murkier than ever before. Here are some highlights of the proposed regulations.

*Interested parties (the banks, credit card companies and third party clearing houses) have until December 12, 2007 to comment on the proposed rules.

*The rules say absolutely nothing about the individual …

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Start Your Viral Ebook Campaign


It stands to reason, the more people who get their hands on your ebook, the more productive the results. But the first thing you need to concentrate on is getting the overall distribution of the ebook jump-started.

Like anything else you’re involved in, you’ll want to utilize basic promotion methods. Always include the free ebook offer in your signature file, your ezine issues, follow-up messages, pop-up windows, and so forth.

And of course, you’ll want to provide access to your free ebook on your existing web pages. But what you should also do is create a separate page for your free ebook. And not just any page. You need to actively “sell” it just like you would a paid product.

You have to realize that free ebook downloads in general have reached epidemic proportions, mainly because more and more marketers are taking advantage of this viral technique. Viewers are becoming somewhat numb and will often pass on an opportunity simply due to free ebook “overload”.

If you’re going to establish a solid viral campaign, you need to give people a valid and realistic reason to take possession of your free ebook. Basically, you need to make your own ebook stand out from countless others across the Internet.

The first step in doing that is to come up with a good title, one that will not only get viewer attention but leave no doubt in their mind that the content is worth having.

If possible, you should also have a 3D cover image representing your free ebook, whether it’s your personal ebook or a customized version of someone else’s.

Finally, there’s the web page itself. As I mentioned previously, you should “sell” your free ebook just like you would any other product. Start with a great headline, write some good …

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WPT Slovenia: Miha Travnik First Slovenian to Win Major Title


WPT Slovenia just finished, with local Miha Travnik taking the first place title and $144,399! hk prize will also be receiving a $25,500 entry into the WPT World Championship held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, later this year.

WPT Slovenia featured 141 entrants and a total prize pool of $554,609, running for five days total. It was located in the historic Metropol Casino, in the sunny beach-side getaway of Portoroz, Slovenia. The Metropol Casino is known for its castle like architecture and breathtaking views of the stunning Adriatic Sea.

The twenty-year old Travnik came in with online only experience. This was his first major live tournament and he was up against some stiff competition. With Portoroz’ close proximity to Italy, many of Italy’s top pros made the flight. It seems though that home field has its advantages. With this win Travnik becomes the first Slovenian to win a major international poker tournament!

At the final table tough Swedish pro Johannes Korsar, who held the chip lead for much of the tournament, tried to make it back to back Swedish WPT wins, after fellow countrymen Lukas Berglund won the first stop on this year’s WPT Tour, the WPT Spanish Championship. Korsar ended up settling for third after losing a few monster hands to Italian live pro Vincento Natale.

Heads up action found Travnik facing Vincento Natale and very short on chips. Only by overcoming a large chip deficit was Travnik able to get the win. The win meant a great deal to Travnik, who is very proud to bring the first ever WPT Title to Slovenia, as well as to do it in front of his friends and family looking on from the rail.

This is the 10th season of the WPT, with two events already done out of …

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Breast and neck: natural remedies for your skin tone

Here, some Natural Remedies a Breast perfect! The cleavage is one of the most important parts of the female body. From the mists of time, the breast represents fertility and sensuality, the object of attention and attraction from men, as well as studied by psychologists. The breast, as well as the zone of cleavage are particularly delicate and require more attention. Not by chance neck is the indicator of age. In addition, the breast composed primarily of fat, Connective tissue and glandular tissue, while resting on the chest is lacking musculature own.

The breast, due to pregnancies, yo yo dieting and hormonal changes, which clearly adds to the mockery of time, tends to relax and lose tonicity as well as the chin and neck that after the age of 30 begin to lose tone. But, fortunately, there are many natural remedies to fight wrinkles and loss of firmness.

The Natural Cosmetics can be very useful, but to see the full effects require certain constancy, preferably is matched to physical activity, which is good for the body, but also to the mind.

To tone small breasts, you can prepare a massage oil with 4 drops of essential oil of fennel, 4 drops of geranium or 2 tablespoons almond oil. The oil, as well as creams, go lay down on the breast in a circular motion and always upward, taking care not to touch the nipple. For a big breasts and released, however, is ideal to practice massage with oil made from a spoon jojoba oil1 tablespoon cream made from shea butter, 2 drops of lemongrass essential oil, 3 drops of peppermint and 3 drops of cypress. Also you can read about “where can fillers be used on face” here

To harden chin, however, is very useful to apply a …

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$9,586.68 Progressive toto sgp Win at BINGOGALA™

Shortly after winning a magnificent $9,586.68 on a progressive bingo jackpot at toto sgp ™ we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “ Caspers ” for a quick chat.


After joining BINGOGALA™ in 2001 this is what she had to say: “Winning this Jackpot was the icing on the cake. I was so excited! I have been with Bingo Gala for years, pretty much since day one.″


BINGOGALA™ is the current online bingo destination for “ Caspers ” because: “I have tried many other sites but BINGOGALA™ is the absolute greatest of all. Keep up the good work and win tons roomies. Love you all and love Gala!”


Howard Lederer Joins Poker Players Alliance Board


The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), a grassroots organization of 27,000 American poker players, has announced that Howard Lederer, world-renowned poker all-star, will join the PPA board of directors.


“I am thrilled that Howard has agreed to join our board,” stated Michael Bolcerek, president of the Poker Players Alliance. “Howard’s reputation within the poker community and his ongoing efforts on behalf of our organization and poker players to defend the game from attacks by Congress and others make him a great addition to the board.”


Lederer will be joining other prestigious PPA board members including Linda Johnson, Greg Dinkin, Mary Magazine, and Jan Fisher.


In April of this year, Lederer teamed up with the PPA and fellow poker players Chris Ferguson and Greg Raymer, meeting with members of Congress and educating them about the game of poker and why attempts to ban the game online are misguided.


In accepting his position on the board, Lederer said, “The Poker Players Alliance’s mission is critically important as the game has increasingly come under attack. The challenge of promoting and …