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Toulouse Judi Qq

We left Lille in the pouring rain and headed to Charles De Gaulle airport for our flight to Toulouse.

Air France planes stood idly on the tarmac due to a strike by their pilots, but Easyjet flew to Toulouse.

Fuelled on Duo de Canard & Banofee Pie we headed through the beautiful town of Toulouse to the stadium, which sits on an island just 20 minutes from town.

Spain v Czech Republic Toulouse.

As, is now normal we arrived with 30 minutes to spare. No problems with security.

Spain dominated the game and won with a late g Judi Qq oal.

Planning ahead we found that one of the tournament sponsors, the railway company SNCF had decided to cancel tomorrow’s train that we were due to catch. The plan now is to try and jump on the one two hours earlier which we believe is running.

Spain v Czech Republic Toulouse.

We returned to town and settled in a bar to watch the Italy v Belgium game. The setting couldn’t have been more different than that encountered on our first night. Sat in a courtyard, glimpses of a blue sky, and a large screen with view obscured by an overhanging tree and flowers.

Parc de Princes/Lille

The morning after the night before and we are having breakfast in Lille discussing events . We hear that the Germans have asked to march from the centre of Lille to the ground a distance of 5km. Steve’s response to this “With tanks?”

Croatia v Turkey, Euro 2016.

We made our way to Paris by TGV and just had time for lunch, Croque Monsieur near Ivan’s gym at République.

There was once again a police cordon around the ground. We had decided to leave our bags in Lille to avoid any delays. We cleared this check and were almost immediately met by another check.

Croatia v Turkey, Euro 2016.

Once again the stadium was bathed in red. This time it felt like the Turkish were making the majority of the noise.

Croatia appeared capable of opening up Turkey at will, but only managed the one goal which settled the game.

Croatia v Turkey, Euro 2016.

After this game we returned to Lille in time for Germany v. Ukraine.

After conceding a soft goal, Ukraine caused Germany lots of problems down the flanks, but were unable to beat Neuer.

Looks like the Germans are advancing.

As we passed through the train station after the match I noticed now familiar posters announcing the trains that would be running the next day. It didn’t take long to check. Thankfully the 05.57 was scheduled to run.