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Contract Translation

Contract TranslationContract translation is the mainstay of our business.


Usually, the original language version is the binding document that will ultimately be in force.  However, translations are useful not only for information purposes but also to assist with the negotiation process.  Clearly a poor translation may not just be useless but could potentially lead to damaging misunderstandings.


We’re used to working with blackline documents and can follow a revision methodology where we translate the changes between different versions of the same contract.


The Plain English Drive


There are different cultural influences in the way contracts are presented.  For example, the UK (and also the US) have a continuing “plain English” drive whereby contracts should not be written in incomprehensible legalese.  Instead simple language, but used very precisely, is sufficient for most purposes.


Pronomial adverbs (“therefor”, “therein”, “hereby”, “hereto” and “wherein”) are generally to be avoided.  Using two words to mean the same thing is generally to be avoided (e.g. “will and testament”, “fit and proper”, “null and void”, “breaking and entering” etc).  Additionally, grammar should be kept simple.More about Translation Companies UK


But, in English as in other languages, contracts are often written  in complex language.


Welsh language: Supreme Court challenge over equality bill


As reported in the previous news article, the Welsh Language Commission made a proposal that bills should be provided in the English and Welsh language in Wales. This legislation will not be challenged by the UK government, which means that the Official Languages Bills will not be taken to the Supreme Court. However, it will go forward for Royal Assent before becoming law. The bill is aimed to make the two languages equal in institution’s dealings with public and assembly proceedings. A commission spokesman states: “Rosemary Butler, the …