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Start Your Viral Ebook Campaign


It stands to reason, the more people who get their hands on your ebook, the more productive the results. But the first thing you need to concentrate on is getting the overall distribution of the ebook jump-started.

Like anything else you’re involved in, you’ll want to utilize basic promotion methods. Always include the free ebook offer in your signature file, your ezine issues, follow-up messages, pop-up windows, and so forth.

And of course, you’ll want to provide access to your free ebook on your existing web pages. But what you should also do is create a separate page for your free ebook. And not just any page. You need to actively “sell” it just like you would a paid product.

You have to realize that free ebook downloads in general have reached epidemic proportions, mainly because more and more marketers are taking advantage of this viral technique. Viewers are becoming somewhat numb and will often pass on an opportunity simply due to free ebook “overload”.

If you’re going to establish a solid viral campaign, you need to give people a valid and realistic reason to take possession of your free ebook. Basically, you need to make your own ebook stand out from countless others across the Internet.

The first step in doing that is to come up with a good title, one that will not only get viewer attention but leave no doubt in their mind that the content is worth having.

If possible, you should also have a 3D cover image representing your free ebook, whether it’s your personal ebook or a customized version of someone else’s.

Finally, there’s the web page itself. As I mentioned previously, you should “sell” your free ebook just like you would any other product. Start with a great headline, write some good …