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Poker Bloggers and Readers Unite cbetcasino.fr



This post isn’t just for poker bloggers, despite the title. But if you are a poker blogger, for the sake of those people searching for legitimate advice about poker in the blogosphere, here’s some advice.


If you’ve been following this blog to any degree, you know that posts have been a bit sparse. I’m new to the whole poker blogging thing, despite being a big fan for many years of pretty much any kind of card game. There’s always tons to write about, but without any sort of feedback, it’s very difficult to feel that you’re writing anything of value. So to experiment, I occasionally try to stir things up. Still no response. I know you’re out there though, reading these posts.


Well, regardless, Andy – who owns this blog – suggested I try to write a bit more frequently. Fair enough. I figure, if I’m going to write anything of value here, presumably for people who want to learn about poker and not just for those who already blog about it, I’m going to have to do a bit of research.


My own cardplaying skills come from my background in mathematics and programming. But games like Texas Hold’em are more about reading players cbetcasino.fr, to get around the luck of the draw.


So what do I do for some research? I go to Technorati, my fave search engine for the blogospere, and add the search terms “poker”, “Texas Hold’em” and “Californa Hold’em” to my watchlist. What do I find? Nothing. The message is: “Sorry, there were no results in the last 7 days.”


So am I the only poker blogger tagging my blog entries? A quick jaunt through the blogosphere to scan 12 poker blogs reveals absolutely no use of tagging …