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Perky does it in ten at All Slots



One of this week’s luckiest players is a WOL poster with the handle “Perkypig” who enjoyed the excitement of a first ever Royal Flush betting max on Jacks or Better VP at All Slots Casino….and then followed it within only ten minutes of play with another at the same venue! WTG, Perky!


All Slots was also the scene of one of those life-changing progressive jackpot wins this week, when pharmaceutical sales rep DebbieE hit the Jackpot Madness Cyberstud for $321 000…and she had a premonition on the win two months back!


“I had this strong intuition and told my daughter that I was either going to win the jackpot or the $20,000 straight flush,” Debbie says. And sure enough, she managed to pull off not just one, but both astonishing wins and is now $341,000 richer.


An avid All Slots player since July 2001, Debbie hit her twenty grand straight flush in clubs just before Christmas. “Then I continued to play every day or every other day until I got that magic progressive win screen,” she said. “I was numb when I first saw the winning screen for the $321,000 CyberStud jackpot. Then I just sprang into action, screaming and calling my daughter on the phone.


“I saw my husband driving down the road and I went running down the road, yelling ‘I won, I won’… he thought someone was hurt. When I finally told him I won the jackpot, he couldn’t believe it,” she said.


She plans to share her win with her entire family in addition to treating herself. “I will purchase things for our home for everyone to enjoy, i.e. a big screen TV and new carpet…and I bought myself a diamond tennis bracelet.”




Progress on Referback’s “predatory marketing”


Our report last week on the intended boycott of certain online Slot Gacor casinos by the Gambling Portal Webmaster’s Association (GPWA) was followed by information from the association this week that limited success has been achieved in the case of casinos in the Refer Back group.


The GPWA reported that it appeared to have a temporary, possibly permanent, concession from the Referback casinos that are using scumware, saying “The casino Clients for these brands have jointly agreed to pull back for the entire month of March.


This means that a “truce” of one full calendar month has been negotiated, during which the casinos will review the numbers… to see if affiliates have outperformed what predatory advertising would have achieved. If Referback are satisfied with affiliate performance, they’ll stop their use of predatory advertising in its entirety; if not, they’ll continue to use the scumware.”


And that will presumably trigger the boycott. The situation with other casino groups accused by the GPWA is not known.