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It’s bonus time with the X-Men!


It has been a marvelous week at Titan Casino, as we’ve just released an additional five new Marvel comic themed slot machines. The action packed new games, found in our casino lobby are Blade, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and X-Men. Each game offers a unique slot playing experience you’re sure to enjoy.


For starters, you can literally taste the action when you play Fantastic Four. You’ll love all the extra chances for huge payouts with this slot (and its four fantastic features giving you free spins). Forget “clobbering time,” with this game it’s all about “bonus time!”


Or perhaps, you want to join the ultimate superhero team by playing X-Men. The mutant battle has already begun. Pick a side, get in on the fight and reap fantastic rewards including free games that give you even more cash to play with.


In Daredevil, our third new Marvel super togel slot, you get the chance to destroy your nemesis with the thrilling Bullseye feature. Like the other crime fighting slot machines, Daredevil offers free games when you spin a winning combination on the reels.


However, if you prefer to fight for vengeance as opposed to justice, Blade and Elektra are the games for you! Track down the bonus offers and spilt-symbol feature as you hunt vampires as Blade, the famous Daywalker. Or if sexy “gun for hire” assassin is more your style, transform yourself into Elektra, and be rewarded for a job well done with free games.


We know you’ll love these new slots just as much as our two original Marvel games (The Hulk and Iron Man), that were launched back in October. With such popular characters to play with, you’re sure to enjoy hours of pure entertainment when you spin the reels of these enthralling new games. And with the potential for huge cash payouts… well, what better reward is there for saving the world from mutants and vampires?




Friendship pays with the Titan Casino Refer a Friend Bonus


How does the expression go?  Money can’t buy friends?  Well, that may be the case, but at Titan Casino, friendship certainly pays.  Cash that is.


That’s right.  Titan Casino has a great Refer a Friend Bonus available to all depositing members.


What does that mean in practical terms?  Well for starters, as part of our rewards program, for every friend that you bring to Titan Casino, you receive an additional €50 free.


Fret not, your friend doesn’t go away empty-handed either, as new referrals get a €25 bonus when they sign up. That means, even before playing your friend has already won, twice-over – first with an introduction to an exciting online casino, and second, with a wonderful cash gift.


Best of all you both now have more money to play with at Titan Casino, enjoying fun casino games from progressive slots, to video poker to baccarat and more.  You can even engage in some friendly competition against one another playing our multi-player blackjack and roulette games.


All you have to do to get them started is visit our site, fill in a short form with your friend’s name and email address, and we do that rest. You can refer as many friends as you have (or please).


So share the wealth, and the fun, and refer your friends today! They’ll thank you for it, and so will we.